Best Web Designing and Graphic Training in Bangalore, 100% JOB Oriented Classes




  •   100% Guaranteed JOB Placement Support in MNC or Mid Size Companies with Good Salaries
  •   Students get Live Project to practice
  •   Highly talented with 10+ Years Experienced Trainer
  •   Well Equipped Class Rooms and Lab Facility
  •   he Training is designed tentatively for each batch with Hands on Project
  • Experience exposures in the Lab session. The Lab sessions are followed along with the Theory in the respective day itself.
  •   Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
  •   In a Class, Batch Size will be Max. 10 Students Only

Get Trained in Web Designing & Get Employed. Lots of JOB Openings are Available in the Market for you.”


  • Guaranteed Job Support: We help you Get Dream Job by sending you for interviews till you get Hired.
  • Faculty will make your Resume Ready as per industry Standards.
  • We provide Interview Question and Answers which are asked by interview panel.
  • 2 Mock Exams conducted.
  • Mock Interviews to boost your confidence.
  • Pre-Requisite: Any Graduate/Software Developer/Fresher looking for Job.
  • Projects: You work on building websites, software applications.
  • Latest and Update Course Contents as per corporate standards.


  • HTML CSS : 60 Hours Practical Classes
  • In Class, You Get In-Depth Programming Knowledge on each Topic
  • Weekdays Classes : Morning and Evening Sessions
  • Weekend Classes, Flexible Timings
  • Location: Courses are run in our Bangalore and Ramakuppam training centers and Online based on the Student flexibilty
  • Can be on-site at client locations (Corporate Training)
  • Pay only after FREE DEMO CLASS


  • Placement Assistance
  • Real life case studies to practice
  • Free Technical Support after Course Completion
  • Back up Classes Available
  • Sun Certification and Course Complete Certificate
  • Free Wifi and Lab Facility
  • Latest Study Material
  • Attend 1st Class Free

Concepts :

Section One: Getting Started  Section One: Getting Started
1. Course Introduction
2. Course software
3. What is a HTML and HTML 5?

4. Getting started with tags
5. How to save web pages
6. Viewing your web pages

Section 2: Basic HTML Tags
1. Basic HTML template
2. Heading Tags
3. Paragraph and Break tags

4. Bold and Italics
5. HTML lists
Reference: Basic HTML Tags
Section 3: Getting started with CSS
1. Introduction to CSS
2. CSS rules
3. Where to put your styles
4. Using CSS selectors
5. Inline and Embedded styles

6. CSS and Fonts
7. Font colours
8. Font sizes
9. Styling Fonts
Reference: CSS and Fonts
Section 4: Dealing with Images
1. Types of Images
2. Inserting Images part 1
3. Inserting Images part 2
4. Image Attributes
5. Images and CSS

6. Text wrapping with CSS
7. CSS and image borders
8. Background Images
9. Adding captions to images
Reference: CSS in this section
Section 5: Linking to other pages
1. Hyperlinks
2. Linking to other pages
3. Other types of hyperlinks
4. CSS and hyperlinks

5. External stylesheets
6. HTML lists and nav bars
Reference: CSS in this section
Reference: HTML in this section
Section 6: CSS Layouts
1. The Box Model
2. CSS Comments
3. CSS Positioning
4. CSS floats
5. A one column CSS layout

6. Styling the one column layout
7. Styling HTML 5 tags
8. A two column CSS layout
Reference: CSS in this section
Reference: HTML5 layout tags
Section 7: HTML 4 and HTML 5 tables
1. HTML 4 Tables
2. Row and Col span
3. Table alignment, colour, images

4. HTML 5 Tables
Reference: HTML and HTML5 tables
Section 8: HTML forms
1. Form Tags
2. Textboxes, Submit, Reset
3. Formatting Textboxes with CSS
4. Labels, Textareas

5. Option buttons and Checkboxes
6. Passwords, hidden fields
Reference: HTML and HTML5 Forms
Section 9; HTML5 and Forms
1. HTML 5 Forms
2. Placeholders, Required
3. Email, URL, Search
4. Spinners and Sliders
5. Dates, Colour pickers
6. Data Lists

7. HTML Form Layouts
8. HTML 5 Video and Audio
9. The HTML 5 Canvas tag
10. Details, Aside, Mark
Reference: HTML5 Audio and Video
Section 10: Getting your site on the internet
1. Websites and Domain Names
2. What to look for when buying Webspace
3. Search engine optimisation

4. Pay per click advertising
5. Sitemaps
Section 11: HTML and CSS Reference
1. Basic HTML Tags
2. CSS Font and Text Properties
3. CSS Borders, Margins, Padding
4. CSS used in the Lists section
5. CSS used in the Positioning section
6. HTML images and hyperlinks

7. HTML5 Layout tags
8. HTML and HTML5 Table tags
9. HTML and HTML5 Form tags
10. HTML5 Video and Audio tags
11. HTML Special Characters

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