Learn DevOps Online Training


DevOps is the mix of social theories, practices, and instruments that builds an association’s capacity to convey applications and administrations at high speed.This speed empowers associations to better serve their clients

DevOps Platform (otherwise known as ADOP) is a mix of open source apparatuses that is intended to give the ability to perform consistent conveyance. Out of the case, the stage contains devices to store, rendition, manufacture, test and discharge application and framework code by means of constant conveyance pipelines. The greater part of the prominent DevOps instruments available are Puppet, Chef and Jenkins, are open-source and require an abnormal state of capability

DevOps instruments fit into at least one of these classes, which is intelligent of key parts of the software development and delivery process.  Some of them were: Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure, and Monitor.

DevOps as a Service is a conveyance display for an arrangement of instruments that encourages joint effort between an association’s product advancement group and the operations group

The part of DevOps Engineer does not fall along one vocation track; experts advance into the position from an assortment of foundations. DevOps is frequently said to be all the more a rationality or a communitarian IT culture as opposed to an entirely characterized set of working responsibilities or expertise set. Since the territory is so wide, DevOps positions might be more suited to IT generalists than experts. Get in touch with Online MARAM Technologies  for mastering the Devops Online Training.  Are you interested to learn Devops Online Training from Bangalore, Devops Online Course in India, Pune, Noida, Delhi, Best Devops Online Training institute in Hyderabad, Ameerpet, Bangalore keep in touch with MARAM Technologies.

Who Can Take This Course?

Fair question, candidates who are willing to Build, Test and deliver the Software with infrastructure changes can go to it. DevOps is nearby collaboration and cooperation of both Software Developers and IT Developers. More Organizations has a demand for growing DevOps rapidly. Anyone want to get into these new roles can take this DevOps course. This Course will benefit to following Experts:

  • Software Developers/Testing
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Fresher’s

What Are The Prerequisites?

There are no particular requirements to become a DevOps. Anybody with a fundamental relationship in IT or essential learning of Linux and Networking can turn into a DevOps.Our professional will help you on this.

Course highlights

With this course the students will learn about various tools and tool chains used in the market by various companies due to their specifications. Students begin the course by learning about the phases of software development life cycle, the tasks undertaken by professionals in each of the phases and then they will be introduced to this new concept.

They will be introduced to various tools and tool chains for DevOps which they would work on in real time. To help them in this process, we have our best faculty, helping them in each step they take.

Few of the topics covered in the course, apart from the ones mentioned above are:

DevOps and Cloud, Prerequisites of DevOps, Testing and integration, Release and Deployment, DevOps Adoption, DevOps Source code management and many more.


Hands-on Experience

MARAM Technologies has faculty with industrial experience in DevOps, who guide the students to understand the concept with respect to the real world situations with regular practical assignments.



 Course Features

 Course Duration : 40 Hrs

Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by MARAM Technologies. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.

 Hands on Experience

Every module shall be followed by a practical experience of lab exercises. At the end of the course, the students will have to build a project on the concepts that were taught to them during the course duration.


 24 X 7 Support

Concerned faculty can be contacted by the students if they are looking for help and assistance with respect to the course and its material. Students can approach their respective faculty to clear their quires either by email, phone or through live chat.

 Job Assistance

MARAM Technologies will help students find job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. MARAM Technologies has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 30+ companies in USA and India that have experience in working with different technologies. We would pass your resumes to them after the completion of the course and ensure that the students achieve 100% placements. During the testing and interview process for them, the required assistance shall be provided by MARAM Technologies.

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